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 Collagen is a protein that makes hard tissues such as bones, skin, tendons, etc. in vivo, but also soft tissues such as cartilage and lens. As its function, it creates tissues by binding cells together, and brings elasticity and strength to the tissues.

Structure of collagen

 Three threadlike proteins are knitted and structured in collagen, but when heated, three braids are unwound and the threads of each one are broken apart and become like a rounded state. This state is gelatin. Once it becomes gelatin it will not return to collagen. Moreover, when gelatin is heated more intensely, it decomposes finely. This is a peptide. Originally collagen is said to be collagen peptide or hydrolyzed collagen, but it is not chemically collagen.


Jellyfish Collagen(JelliCollagen®)

 Collagen which is generally sold is collagen extracted from hard tissues such as cattle and pig bone, skin, fish scales. Jellyfish is a molluscan so you can get collagen extracted from unusual soft tissue. Unlike collagen derived from bovine, swine and fish scales, jellyfish collagen has many amino acids called hydroxylysine, and it is said that there are many modifications of sugar chains. Recent studies have revealed that it has proliferative activity of epithelial cells in particular, and we are promoting R & D towards the development of new medical devices.


Papers and other articles have reported that jellyfish collagen has higher biocompatibility than collagen from other species. Also, since it is biologically distant from humans, there is the merit that there is no risk of infectious diseases.

​・Cytotoxicity Test       

・Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test

・Skin Sensitization Test    

・Human Patch Test                






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