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 Mucin is often used as a generic name for sticky substances, so I think that many people think of okra or yam, but these are substances called polysaccharides, not exactly mucin. Mucin chemically refers to the mucus of an animal and is a substance in which a sugar chain is bound to a protein, in particular a substance called mucin type glycoprotein.

Animal Mucin

 Animal mucin is one of the important substances which is localized in the eyes, joints, gastrointestinal tract and is responsible for protecting against cellular tissue moisturizing, lubrication, invasion of bacteria. However, there is a disadvantage that chemical synthesis is difficult.

Jellyfish Mucin(JelliMucin®)

 We succeeded in isolating mucin in jellyfish and based on the results we launched as a venture from RIKEN. Because jellyfish occurs in large quantities, it is very promising as a resource. In addition, the structure of Klagemucin is characterized by short structure of sugar chain and has a simple structure, and I think that it is very promising as starting material of functional mucin material.
In addition, since jellyfish mutin has a structure similar to glycoprotein called as lubricin, which is responsible for lubrication in human joints and the like, we hope to lead to the development of therapeutic drugs such as joint diseases and dry eye.


It is said that mucin has a structure in which a sugar chain covers a protein and generally has low antigenicity. Safety tests are carried out on several items.

​・Cytotoxicity Test       

・Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test

・Skin Sensitization Test            





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