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Research Reagent

​Research Reagent

 Since jellyfish collagen is not derived from mammals and fish, it has the advantage that there is no risk of zoonosis common diseases such as allergy and BSE.

Jellyfish Collagen, Cell Growth Supplement

 It is a neutral collagen solution extracted from moon fish,  Aurelia sp. Especially proliferative activity of epidermal keratinocytes was observed and commercialized as an epithelial cell proliferation activator. It is supposed to substitute bovine pituitary extract (BPE).

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Jellyfish Collagen ​Cell Growth Supplement,

3mg/mL​(LPS <10 EU/mL)

Jellyfish Collagen Coating Solution

It is an acidic pepsin-solubilized collagen solution extracted from Edible jellyfish, Rhopilema esculenta. It becomes insoluble when neutral pH, but it does not gelate.

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Collagen Solution for Cell Culture​

(3 mg/ml in 0.1M AcOH, sterilized )

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